Morning Meeting/Advisory


Each day at Young Scholars begins with a morning meeting in each homeroom. We follow the general principles of the Responsive Classroom approach to morning meeting which are as follows:


  • Greeting: Students and teachers greet and welcome each other.
  • Sharing: Students share something about themselves or their lives, and the rest of their peers listen, then ask follow-up questions or offer comments.
  • Activity: The group completes an activity that encourages teamwork while re-emphasizing social or academic skills.
  • Morning message: Students read a short message from their teacher, usually describing what is to come in the day ahead.


According to Responsive Classroom (PDF), the goal of these four components, and the meeting as a whole, is to "set the tone for respectful learning, establish a climate of trust, motivate students to feel significant, create empathy and encourage collaboration, and support social, emotional, and academic learning."