Ritual & Tradition

YSCS Students

At YSCS, we believe that students are more engaged in their learning if they feel a sense of pride and belonging to their broader school community. We also believe that specific school rituals create a strong sense of identity, a clear sense of mission and a tangible sense of belonging. Accordingly, we work intentionally to create an annual school experience that is built on both ritual and tradition that allows scholars to anticipate upcoming events and authentically participate in meaningful spaces that emphasize a sense of pride in being a YSCS scholar, achieving the school mission and eventually becoming an alumni. In addition to shared values, Community Circle, morning meeting and common school wide practices, scholars also participate annually in the following: Academic Trips, Rewards Trips, Honors Breakfasts and Awards Ceremonies, Days of Service, Poetry Slam and Talent Show, Dance, and academic showcases, celebrations, Expeditions, College and Career Rotation and Advisory.